Landscape, Safety & Outdoor Lighting in Dallas

Enhance the Beauty and Safety of Your Home

Light defines, highlights, beautifies and protects. Dallas Landscape Lighting will work with you to design an outdoor lighting plan that meets your practical needs as well as your personal tastes and desires. Regardless of if it’s creating a soft moonlit glow around your pool, spotlighting architecture or lighting a pathway for safety, we can design a plan to achieve the effect you have in mind. If you are in Dallas, Collin or Rockwall county, contact Dallas Landscape Lighting or call 214-202-7474 for a free outdoor lighting consultation. Our Dallas electrician and outdoor lighting crews work all over the DFW metroplex. Addison, Carrollton, Celina, Frisco, Heath, Highland Park, Irving, Lavon, McKinney, Prosper, Rockwall, Royse City, Sunnyvale, Wylie… if you are in or around Dallas, we probably service your city!

How Dallas Landscape Lighting’s Process Works:

A landscape lighting design expert will come to your home, survey your yard or structure you would like lit and discuss your needs and ideas. Within days of the initial visit, Dallas Landscape Lighting will present you with a custom lighting design proposal. Our proposals provide several different options so you have the flexibility to choose from different plans at different price points. Additionally, this allows you to select what you want to install now and provides future options should you decide to extend your lighting design plan in the future. Once a proposal is accepted, our office will then contact you to schedule a date for our crew to come begin the work. Our knowledgeable and experienced crew will then come out and install your outdoor lighting system. Before long, you will be enjoying the outdoors in a whole new light! Dallas Landscape Lighting always includes a final nighttime review after the installation is complete. It’s the only way to make sure the outdoor lighting meets everyone’s expectations and insures the proper lighting adjustments are made. Dallas Landscape Lighting can easily install custom outdoor lighting on both new construction or existing structures. It doesn’t matter how old your home or commercial property is, or if existing landscape lighting is installed but needs to be removed/replaced, or if you have a power source that is far away from where you’d like lights to be run. We will work hard to light things up!

Unsurpassed Quality & Durability at an Affordable Price

We do not use subcontractors. Once you select an outdoor lighting design plan, our team of licensed and bonded in-house electricians will professionally install top-quality lighting and outdoor products from only the best manufacturers like FX Luminaire, LSI Greenlee and Craftmade. Quality products and skilled workmanship is what makes our products and services exceptional.

landscape lights installed by Dallas Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting (pathway lights, tree lights, etc) installed on residential property in Dallas.

Dallas Landscape Lighting Installs All Types of Outdoor Lighting:

Safety Lighting / House Lighting

{ View Structural Lighting Photo Gallery } An economical and smart solution to increase the safety of your home is security lighting. If securing the safety of your home and loved ones is a priority, Dallas Landscape Lighting will design a plan that strategically places light in areas that will help increase the level of safety around your home. Wall lights added to your outdoor lighting system can not only enhance safety, and define edges, it can also greatly enhance setting ambiance. House lights installed around windows, entry ways, doors, etc. are wonderful deterrents for thieves. Flood lights and motion lights have always been popular options for homeowners looking to amp up safety. However, house (or structure) lightingpathway lighting, wall lighting, step lighting, etc can be added to the system in order to FULLY secure your property.
*Read one of our longtime customer’s explanation about how outdoor lighting spared her home from a break in*

Pathway Lights

{ View Pathway Lighting Photo Gallery } Walkways, driveways, pathways, walking trails or sidewalks are hard to see when it gets dark out. Light them up with subtle incandescent lights and enjoy taking walks at night safely. Illuminating the path and the landscape edges enhances landscape ambiance and ensures safety. Not only does the property truly come alive when subtle lighting is installed in strategic places, it also enhances the safety of the property (see above). Walking without tripping is reason enough to light your path, but the added benefit of the safety and beauty they bring your property are enough to convince most homeowners to install them.

Tree Lighting

{ View Tree Lighting Photo Gallery} Spotlight trees around your property from the ground and you will see the tree take on a subtle glow when night falls. ‘Up lights’ are installed at the base of a tree and adjusted to shine up on to the canopy of branches and leaves above. The effect is simply beautiful. Another tree lighting option is to install ‘down lights’ high up in the branches of the tree. Down lights are pointed down, but rather than spotlighting the tree itself, these lights are intended to shine down on your yard. The effect of the light high above shining through the lower hanging branches of the tree on to the yard is ethereal. It creates a moonlit glow year round!

Outdoor Living Area Lighting

{ View Outdoor Lighting Photo Gallery } Arbors, cabanas and patios are taken to a new level when accent lighting is added. Entertaining outside is a blast when you have a well lit yard. Utilizing up lights can add a tremendous amount of texture, contrast and interest, while down lights efficiently mimic natural moonlight and enhance the effects of other lights. Let us advise you on what types of lighting will help you extend your enjoyment of the outdoors well into the night! Dallas Landscape Lighting can install lighting as well as run new electrical hook ups for outdoor kitchens and ceiling fans, as well as install new switches and outlets.

Outdoor Lighting Customized To Meet Your Needs

If you desire lighting that turns on automatically at a set time, we can add a timer to your system. If you want security lighting, up-lights, down-lights, or spotlights in every shape and style, we can do it. If you desire dimmers and other specialty lighting fixtures or controls to create just the right mood, we can do it. For dramatic outdoor lighting of unsurpassed quality and durability at an affordable price — Dallas Landscape Lighting can do it. We encourage you to view our lighting designs and installations in our photo gallery. Call us for a free consultation and outdoor lighting design plan today.

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