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What Our Electrical Services Company Offers

Don’t let the name fool you – Dallas Landscape Lighting is run by a Master Electrician with a team that excels at indoor and outdoor electrical work.

We provide the following electrical services:

Arbor and patio lighting

Breakers and fuses

Electric meter replacement*

Electric water heater installation

Electrical ballast replacement*

Electrical breaker box repair and replacement

Electrical code corrections

Electrical outlets and GFCIs

Electrical rewiring

Electrical troubleshooting

Emergency power restoration*

Exhaust fans

Installation of new electrical circuits for machinery*

Installation of new fixtures and fans

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor TVs and speaker installation

Panel change-outs

Power to outdoor appliances, pools and spas

Repair and installation of electrical circuits

Smoke detectors

Standby generator installation

Surge protection


*For commercial clients

Electrical Services For Dallas Metroplex Clients

Whether you need arbor and patio lighting to improve your home’s exterior aesthetics, a standby generator or installation of new light fixtures and fans, Dallas Landscape Lighting’s master electricians can help.

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Arbor and Patio Lighting in Dallas 

Arbor and patio lighting often requires the right electrical wiring – and the fixtures must be rated for outdoor use.

Our master electricians can wire pendant lights, under-counter lighting in outdoor kitchens, beam and spotlights, speakers, fans and so much more.

Breakers and Fuses

Breakers, which are specially designed switches that automatically open to interrupt current and protect your wiring from overloads, and fuses, which are small conductors that will break individual currents in the presence of excessive current, are typically required by building codes. If yours aren’t up to snuff, they can’t protect your home or business from power surges or worse, electrical fires.

Electric Meter Replacement for Commercial Buildings

If you’re installing a new circuit breaker panel, or if your electric meter is malfunctioning, you may need a new meter. Our team of experts can wire a new electric meter in your commercial building at an affordable price.

Electric Water Heater Installation in Dallas

Electric water heaters can be difficult to install, particularly because the circuit wiring necessary is very specific. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t try to DIY electrical work unless you’re trained and experienced – doing so could be very dangerous.

Electrical Ballast Replacement in Commercial Lighting

Electrical ballasts in fluorescent lights take in electricity, then regulate the current to the bulbs. Generally, these ballasts can last several years – but there are several factors that can cause them to go bad (age being one of them).

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Replacement can be time-consuming and difficult, particularly if you’re not experienced, so for most people, it’s best to hire a professional to handle these types of electrical services. 

Electrical Breaker Box Repair and Replacement

Breaker boxes can be tough to navigate, and it’s usually best to hire a licensed professional if you’re having trouble with yours. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance covers breaker box repair and replacement.

Electrical Code Corrections 

Ensuring your home or business meets current electrical codes is absolutely essential – those rules are in place for your safety (and your neighbors’ safety).

Electrical Outlets and GFCIs

Dallas Landscape Lighting Lakeside Living AdIf your home or business doesn’t have enough electrical outlets, or if some of your outlets aren’t equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), you need a professional electrician to install new ones for you. Because these are typically very involved projects, it may not be safe for you to perform this type of work yourself.

Electrical Rewiring in Dallas

Rewiring a home or business is a time-intensive project, and it’s not a DIY job. Our team of master electricians can develop a plan and rewire your space at the right price, in the right time frame for your needs.

Electrical Troubleshooting

When you can’t figure out what’s wrong and flipping a breaker switch isn’t fixing the issues you’re experiencing, you need Dallas Landscape Lighting’s help. Our master electricians can pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly.

Emergency Power Restoration in Commercial Buildings

When the lights go out, your business’s productivity stops – but we can get you up and running again. We provide emergency power restoration services for our commercial clients in Dallas and the surrounding communities.

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Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans pull fumes, gases and pollutants from indoor air, and they’re required by many building codes in residential and commercial properties. Dallas Landscape Lighting can install the wiring and the exhaust fans themselves.

Electrical Wiring for Outdoor Kitchens

Setting up your outdoor kitchen is a breeze with Dallas Landscape Lighting. We’ll create a wiring plan and implement it to power your living space year-round.

Installation of New Electrical Circuits on Commercial Machinery

If your machinery isn’t working due to faulty electrical circuits, we can help. We install new electrical circuits on commercial machinery in Dallas-area businesses.

Installation of New Fixtures and Fans

Installing fixtures and fans in your indoor or outdoor living space, office or commercial building? Our team of master electricians can work with you to create and implement the perfect plan.

Outdoor TV and Speaker Installation and Power to Outdoor Appliances, Pools and Spas 

Spice up your outdoor living space with televisions and speakers – and let us handle the electrical wiring. We can also send power to your outdoor appliances, pools and spas; that’s why we’re the premier electrical services experts in Dallas.

Smoke Detector Wiring

Dallas Landscape Lighting can hard-wire your smoke detectors at home or in your commercial building. Hard-wired smoke detectors still require backup batteries, but they’re connected directly to your home’s electrical system for an additional level of safety.

Standby Generator Installation

Our team of master electricians can install a standby generator in your home or business so your appliances keep running during storms, power outages and disasters.

Surge Protection

We can install surge protection in your current electrical system to protect your appliances, computers and everything else you plug into outlets in your home or business.

Do You Need a Dallas Electrical Services Expert?

Whether you need indoor or outdoor wiring, Dallas Landscape Lighting is here to help. Call our office today to speak to an electrical services expert.

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