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Dallas Landscape Lighting Installs Security / Safety Lighting

When it comes to home security, nothing screams “stay away” like exterior lighting and/or visible surveillance cameras. Recently one of Dallas Landscape Lighting’s longtime customers called to schedule a bulb replacement for her tree lights. While on the phone she mentioned that the backyard tree lights we installed 2 years ago saved her home from being broken in to. According to a police officer that arrived to make a report on her neighbors break-in, the trespasser opened our customer’s gate but since the lighting up in the trees was directed down on to the lawn (which creates an effect much like a full moon), they decided to bail out of their plan to attempt a break in at her house.

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You may think that she just got lucky, which is certainly true, she did get very lucky. However, luck or not, this homeowner was prepared and had precautionary safety measures in place. If her yard had been dimly lit or completely dark, would she have been this lucky? Most people opt for the peace of mind that lighting, alarm systems and/or security cameras give. Having one or all safety precautions in place will surely give a would-be intruder a reason to skip your home.

Types of Home Security Lighting installed by Dallas Landscape Lighting

There are many ways to light your home or property that will keep would-be intruders at bay. People have been mounting motion lights over their garages and near entry ways for years. While this is a popular form of exterior lighting, it isn’t as effective as it might seem. These lights are only triggered when movement is detected within a limited area. A criminal that has experience knows how to spot a motion light and can keep themselves from being detected. If this is the only security lighting feature on your property – consider expanding your lighting options. Motion lights only ‘shed light’ on one area of the outside perimeter of your home. So what are better security lighting options?

Obviously tree lighting is a proven deterrent.It is probably one of your best bets as far as getting more for your money. The effect tree lighting has when cast down is ethereal and creates the most beautiful environment in your yard. Up lights mounted at the base of trees does something completely different, but equally as beautiful. Highlighting the texture of a palm tree’s trunk and its palm fronds creates a tropical feeling in your backyard (which is perfect around a pool!) Tall, mature trees with an up light illuminating the branches and leaves above is a popular choice among homeowners. The effect is stunning!

Mounting ‘house lights‘ on the exterior of your home (shining up to highlight architecture, or shining down to highlight flower beds/walkways) is not only a VERY smart idea, it looks great too. Mounting them from below shining up highlights architecture, mounting them from above shining down sheds light on flower beds, walkways, etc.

Some find pathway lighting to be effective as well as necessary to see your way to and from your door. Pathway lighting is perfect for lining the front of flower beds so that they both illuminate the beds as well as the path. It is one of the most popular options for landscape lighting.

Wall Lights / Step Lights are another great safety lighting option. Small up or down lights mounted to exteriors such as brick walls, wood fences, railing, posts, etc. Though primarily used to light the way, these are also an excellent safety precaution. Wall lights are mounted much higher than path lights (which are mounted in the ground).

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