Permanent Party / String Light Installation in Dallas

For over a decade, Dallas Landscape Lighting’s team of electricians and tree climbers have been installing permanent lights for backyards in the Dallas Metroplex. 

String Lights in Dallas

String lights are an exceptional way to maintain a festive atmosphere outdoors. From trees wrapped in soft, white lights to string lights draped between permanent posts.

What Exactly Are String Lights?

String lights – sometimes called decorative lights or fairy lights – are decorative powerhouses. Made to illuminate any space, these lights come in a wide range of styles, shapes and even colors, which makes them the perfect complement to your outdoor decor. You can completely customize your permanent look and our team at Dallas Landscape Lighting is here to help you do it.

How Can String Lights Add to the Ambiance in Your Backyard?

String lights can wrap around trees to create beautiful silhouettes, hung from branches to add visual appeal, or draped over balconies to make things more magical.

If you have a vision in mind, that’s great – we’d love to hear about it – but it’s okay if you don’t, because our team has all the experience necessary to outfit your space with just the right lights. Dallas Landscape Lighting can design, develop and implement a plan that helps you pull off the perfect outdoor decor.

Style Options for Permanent String Lights

String lights come in a wide range of styles, including tiny “fairy” lights, Edison bulbs, globes and more. You can choose what’s right for your outdoor decor based on the amount of illumination you need and your existing features. 

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Types of String and Party Light Bulbs

String lights are available with a huge range of bulb styles. Some of the most popular include:

  • LED festoon lights. Festoon lights are usually globe-shaped, but they’re sometimes shaped like traditional bulbs. They come on strings that we can hang between poles or along beams, as well as on fences and between posts. They’re called festoon lights because of the Latin term festum, which means feast.
  • Lantern string lights. Lantern string lights are designed to look like paper lanterns, but they’re made from tarpaulin (a durable material that’s more like cloth, and that’s far more suitable for outdoor use than paper is). Lantern string lights they typically feature LED bulbs inside.
  • Vintage-style string lights. Vintage-style string lights look like antique bulbs – the kind from the early days of electricity. With a wire inside that produces a warm, golden glow, these bulbs are ideal for creating lower-level illumination and ambiance.
  • Fairy string lights. Fairy string lights create a truly magical look. They’re tiny and a bit reminiscent of fireflies, which makes them an ideal choice when you’re going for a whimsical environment. These types of lights create a starry look when hung from the inside of a tent or the ceiling of a patio.
  • Rope lights. Rope lights are clear or colored PVC encasing LEDs, and they’re most commonly used in open spaces outdoors. You can use them to illuminate walkways, patios and terraces, and the bases of sculptures.
  • Edison bulb lights. Edison bulbs feature a classic shape – the same as the inventor created himself – and they fall into a similar category to vintage-style string lights. These bulbs look great draped from post to post on a patio, hanging overhead in a tent or gazebo, or illuminating the area above a swimming pool.

Not sure what types of lights will be right for your event? The experts at Dallas Landscape Lighting can help you choose exactly what you need.

What About Colored Lights?

If your outdoor decor calls for permanent colored string lights, we have you covered. In fact, we perform all kinds of light setup. We even install holiday lights in Dallas for our clients.

Can You Use Energy Efficient Lights?

Dallas Landscape Lighting uses energy efficient lights and other premium products. It’s our job to make sure that you are perfectly illuminated, and we only use the best for our clients.

Party String Light Installation - Dallas Landscape Lighting

Light Setup Basics

When our team sets up your permanent lights, we may use trees, banisters, special lighting poles and ceilings. It all depends on your vision and what we’re trying to accomplish with the lighting.

For example, if you want lights over your swimming pool, we can place lighting poles in appropriate locations around the pool to provide the illumination you want. Likewise, if you want a tree wrapped with lights, we’ll use the tree and provide all the necessary hardware to get the job done.

That’s the thing about working with Dallas Landscape Lighting: Our team comes prepared for everything. We provide all the supplies, from the hardware necessary to hang up the lights to the power cords that keep them illuminated. You don’t have to worry about a thing because we have it all covered.

How Much Planning Should You Do for Permanent String Lights?

If you already have a vision in mind, we can implement it – but if you don’t, there’s no need to worry. Our team has been planning and installing permanent party lights and string lights for more than a decade, and we can develop a plan for your location, too.

We’ll make suggestions based on the layout of your outdoor space. We can plan the entire setup so all you need is to relax and enjoy your outdoor oasis.

How Much Does Permanent Party Lighting Cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all cost for permanent party lights and string lights. In fact, several factors go into determining cost.

First, we’ll need to know the size of the area you’re lighting and how dense the lights will be; after we know the number of lights you need, as well as how long it will take to set up the project, we can give you an exact quote.

The best way to find out is to call us and tell us about your needs. We can send someone to your location to help develop the plan and determine your cost during a free consultation. We’ll give you a customized quote at the end of your free consultation.

Do You Need to Talk to Someone About Setting Up Permanent Party Lights and String Lights?

If you’re considering illuminating your property with permanent party lights and string lights, Dallas Landscape Lighting is here to help. Our team can help plan the entire setup, and we’ll provide everything you need to implement your vision. When you’re ready to talk to an expert, call our office to schedule a free consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs!

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Are you considering permanent party string lights for your backyard? Our team can help plan the entire setup, and we’ll provide everything you need to implement your vision.

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